SS650 Neutral Silicone Sealant

Neutral Silicone Sealant
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SS650 Neutral Silicone Sealant


SS650 Silicone Sealant is one-component, neutral curing, general purpose construction silicone sealant with excellent adhesion to most common building material, specially designed for sealing in all type door ,window and wall joints.


  • SS650Silicone Sealant belongs to RTV-1. Good extrusion and thixotropy between 4℃~+40℃. Easy to use;
  • Neutral curing, non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, marble etc;
  • Release low-molecular-weight alcohol and no unpleasant odor during cure;
  • Excellent resistance to weather, UV, ozone, water;
  • Excellent adhesion to most common building material;
  • Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.


  • Glazing for door and window;
  • Sealing in joints;
  • Many other uses.


Property Result
As Supplied
Color Black, gray, white
Tack free time(23°C/73°F, 50% RH) 60 minutes
Full Adhesion 7-14 days
Flow, Sag or Slump 0.1 inches max
Working Time 10-15 minutes
As Cured
Durometer Hardness, Shore A 48
Joint Movement Capability ±20%
Specifications: Typical property data values should not be used as specifications. Assistance with specifications are available by contactingFoshan Gaojian Chemical Industry CO., LTD.


SS650 Silicone Sealant meets or exceeds the requirements of the following standards for one-part sealants.


  • ISO11600-F-20E
  • ASTM C920 Class 20



SS650 Silicone Sealant is available in black, gray, white or other colors on request.


SS650 Silicone Sealant is available in 10.1 fl. oz. (300 ml) plastic caulking cartridges and 16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml) foil sausage packs.


SS650 Silicone Sealant should not be used, applied or is not recommended:

  • In structural glazing applications or where the sealant is intended as an adhesive.
  • In areas where abrasion and physical abuse are encountered.
  • In totally confined spaces as the sealant requires atmospheric moisture for cure.
  • On frost-laden or damp surfaces
  • To building materials that bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents – materials such as impregnated wood, oil-based caulks, green or partially vulcanized rubber gaskets or tapes.
  • In below-grade applications.
  • On concrete and cement substrates.
  • On substrates made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate and polytetrafluoroethylene.
  • Where movement capability greater than±20% is required.
  • Where painting of the sealant is required, as the paint film may crack and peel
  • For structural adhesion on bare metals or surfaces subject to corrosion (i.e., mill aluminum, bare steel, etc.)
  • To surfaces in contact with food
  • For use underwater or in other applications where the product will be in continuous contact with water.


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